My favorite cloud storage

My favorite cloud storage

Apr 2, 2023ยท

2 min read

I was using OneDrive for a long time, to back up my documents and important media files, such as family photos and videos.

OneDrive works relatively well in Windows. When I switched to Linux, I found the available package to mount OneDrive (jstaf/onedriver) a bit problematic. It used to disconnect often, and one day it even corrupted my KeePass database.

Besides that, I noticed some network limitations with the OneDrive service, when I was accessing a lot of files or doing a big sync operation. OneDrive would impose limits on the upload and download speeds and also cut my connection sometimes.

I decided to look for alternatives, something that would fit more nicely with Linux. I was happy to find gives you an empty file system to be accessed via SSH. And it's built with the ZFS file system, which is highly appreciated for long-term, large-scale storage.

In Linux, I can mount a file system with fuse-sshfs and it works very well. In Windows, I use this free tool called SFTP Drive 2022, which can map the SSH/SFTP drive as a network drive in File Explorer. And in Android (Samsung), I found the native My Files app can handle SSH/SFTP network drives with the Network storage option.

One nice feature of is that they give you free and automatic 7 days of snapshots, which is a great protection against ransomware. You can always go back 7 days in time for any file stored there.

I'm currently paying USD 15/month for 1TB of storage, and I'm not earning anything to promote them here ๐Ÿ™‚ I just liked the product.